Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

Making life easier for a visually impaired child can be costly for families. MACS grants can assist families with these costs and make a positive difference to the lives of the children we support.

With MACS help, children have access to items and activities which create opportunities for independence, help them cope with day to day living and enable them to get involved in a range of fun activities!

Recent grants have helped to purchase Brailers, talking microwaves and mobile phones, music therapy sessions and bike adaptations.

Daniel with his tabletDaniel's recent grant has had a BIG impact - helping his reading and life at school...

Daniel's mum says:

"Daniel hated reading at school because he couldn't choose small, chapter books, just the large ones aimed at the younger children. So, when Daniel opened his Samsung tablet, he was made up. 

"He can now use his tablet to zoom in on the text and can read any book he wants! He is now very happy and doesn't feel that he is missing out."

Another grant helped Sophie purchase a BrailleNote. 

Sophie says:  

"MACS kindly bought me my BrailleNote. It lets me go on the internet, send emails, do my homework on the built in word processor, talk to friends using Google Talk, record voice memos, listen to daisy books and much more! 

Thank you so much to Macs for buying me my braille note, I love it and it has made simple tasks even easier for me and changed so much."

MACS families who would like to apply for a grant and have been members for more than six months should visit our Members area