Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

You don’t need to run the London or Brighton Marathons to raise money for MACS! There are hundreds of running events taking place all over the country every weekend. If you have a place in an event and would like to use it to fundraise for MACS please contact and we will send you a fundraising pack and your running vest.

You could also organise your own fundraising challenge! Here are a few examples of what MACS supporters have been up to.

Scottish Cycle Challenge

Two weeks before the Pedal Scotland Classic Cycle Challenge was due to start, Kelly and husband Dan decided they would join the thousands of other budding cyclists on their hopeful 46 mile trip from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The event on 11th September 2016 would see the duo jump on their tandem for MACS in the hope of raising a substantial sum for the charity.

Kelly and her daughter Zara were born with Coloboma, Bilateral Microphthalmia and Nystagmus. Kelly said “The opportunity to take on a personal challenge while raising money  for MACS seemed like a great idea”. They just wished they gave themselves a bit more time to train. Kelly added “2 weeks of intensive yoga and a little gym work was in hindsight perhaps not the ideal amount of training”. However, to their credit they completed the ride in a little over 3 and a half hours! Well done Kelly and Dan!

The best thing was that they raised almost £1500 pounds for MACS! A great achievement!