Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

Our history

We owe our origins to a journalist from The Observer who, in 1993, was investigating the possibility that Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia, and Coloboma, were caused by pesticides (scientific proof of this has not been found) . Through his research, he brought together a group of parents and MACS was born.

The parents of these MACS children had little or no access to information or support and most had never met another family whose child was affected - a lonely and overwhelming situation for any parent.

A year later, MACS became a charity and has not looked back! Thanks to the many dedicated parents who have volunteered their time and energy over the years, MACS is now a key source of information and support for hundreds of families across the UK and worldwide.

All of the charity’s trustees are parents of a MACS child, or directly affected by the conditions. As such, they have a clear insight into how our members can be helped to cope with life as blind or partially sighted people.

MACS is here to support our members at each stage of their journey by providing peer support, financial aid, equipment to make day to day living a little easier or, by enabling a child to take part in a life-changing, or even an everyday, activity. We hope that access to these opportunities will also help children to develop their skills, share their experiences and better understand their eye and health conditions.