Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

At MACS, we recognise the benefits of forging supportive partnerships with other organisations in the visual impairment sector. In working with a range of partners - charities, suppliers and others - we can develop capacity within the sector, give our members a strong voice and ensure that we can provide them with access to the levels of support and advocacy possible.

MACS has recently become a member of both the Council for Disabled Children and Vision 2020 UK.

MACS is proud to be affiliated with these umbrella organisations which strive to share information, encourage greater co-operation and campaign to make sure that children and young peoples' rights are reflected in policy and practice. We look forward to working with them both.

Please find out more about the UK Vision Strategy by visiting this link.

MACS has also teamed up with Blind Children UK to offer educational support to our members. Read more about this valuable partnership here