Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

To reward our supporters for the fabulous, daring and often, creative efforts they make to raise money for MACS, we hold a regular Star Fundraiser competition (previously known as Fundraiser of the Month)! We are looking to hear about fundraisers or fundraising teams who have raised the most funds via an event or activity; challenged themselves the most or; chosen a particularly innovative, creative or exciting way to support us. 

Nominations can be made by the fundraiser themselves or by friends, family or colleagues.  A winner will be chosen by MACS. 

Please make your nominations by clicking here

For each winner, MACS will provide:

  • Publicity across MACS' social media, website and newsletters
  • A MACS themed gift (for individual winners only)
  • A press release template and contact at their local newspaper (if required)
  • Links to online fundraising pages published across MACS' social media
  • Automatic entry into our Fundraiser of the Year competition.