Supporting children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

MACS is governed by a board of trustees who, at present, are all parents of children with MACS conditions or directly affected themselves. 

Robbie Crow, Chair

Robbie lives in Scotland and was born with bilateral Microphthalmia and Coloboma. He has been a member of MACS for over 20 years (since he was a baby) and has a first-hand understanding of the struggles that people with the conditions face.

Now building a career in the third sector, Robbie chairs our Marketing & Communications sub committee and also sits on our Finance & Governance and Fundraising committees. Outside of MACS, he's a keen traditional musician and sailor, and blogs for the Huffington Post.


Gary Murphy, Treasurer

A finance manager by day, Gary puts his skills to good work as MACS' Treasurer. Gary’s oldest child, Lily, was born in 2007 with bilateral Microphthalmia and she also has some developmental delays. Finding out about MACS was a lifeline for Gary and his wife Rachael. Gary still recalls the relief he experienced when he called MACS’ Helpline and was finally able to speak to someone who understood how he was feeling. Lily is now five and has recently started school.


Jenny Lupton, Trustee
Jenny Lupton

Jenny has been a trustee since 2010. Jenny’s son Ben, was born with slight Microphthalmia, Nystagmus and Gluacoma in his left eye and severe Microphthalmia in his right eye. Ben has also been diagnosed with Peters Anomaly Plus Syndrome and Sox2 Syndrome and has Intermittent Hearing loss, Microcephaly, Dyspraxia and developmental delay. Jenny is a major force behind Team MACS – helping to make sure that our fundraisers are supported and motivated.


Teresa Gordon, Trustee

Teresa’s daughter Kara, born in 2008, has Microphthalmia with dense cataract and Nystagmus in her right eye. After attending a MACS Family Weekend with her children and husband Mel, Teresa felt she wanted to give something back, becoming a regional supporter, before standing as Trustee at the 2014 AGM.

Teresa is really happy to be part of such a great team.       




Gillian Bramley, Trustee

 Gill is originally from Leicestershire but has lived in London for many years. Gill was born with bilateral microphthalmia & coloboma and only made contact with the charity in 2013 after spotting a MACS stand at a QAC Sight Village event. Having grown up with the  conditions that MACS supports, she understands the struggles that people with the  conditions face.

 Gill works full time for the civil service in central London. Gill sits on the Grants & Fundraising committees. Apart from spending her spare time as a trustee for MACS, she is also a keen skydiver with a number of tandem skydives under her belt.


 Aaron Eaton, Trustee

Aaron lives in Ipswich with his wife Jodie and two young children, Madison and Aurora, who has right eye microphthalmia.  

Aaron and his family discovered MACS shortly after the birth of Aurora and have been interested in how they could support the work of the charity further. 

Aaron sits on sub-committees for Finance & Governance, Grants, and Marketing & Communications. He is a health and safety professional, with a keen interest in football and music.




Jonathan Attenborough, Trustee

 Jonathan has bilateral microphthalmia, coloboma, and nystagmus and has been associated with MACS since he was a young child.

 Based in Fife, Scotland, he currently works for RNIB Scotland and has experience in partnership management, health professional liaison, and working with young  people. Jonathan joined MACS’ Board of Trustees in April 2016.





Becky Hardisty, Trustee








Caroline Hornby, Trustee